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A modern APM solution built for the complexity and scale of the cloud.

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 Features and Benefits

End-to-End Observability

end-to-end-observability end-to-end-observability
full-fidelity-tracing full-fidelity-tracing
NoSample Full Fidelity Tracing
full-stack-deploy full-stack-deploy

Effortless full-stack deploy

single-pane-of-glass single-pane-of-glass

Seamless Observability Cloud integration

Get access to traces, metrics and logs in real time, at any scale, with the click of a button.

Intelligent Analytics

o11y o11y
predictive-analytics predictive-analytics

Service Mapping

streaming-analytics streaming-analytics

Tag Spotlight

no-dead-ends no-dead-ends

Business Workflows

Group together end-to-end traces and take advantage of dynamically generated service maps for deeper visibility.

Built for Scale and Complexity

scale-and-complexity scale-and-complexity
cloud-native cloud-native


centralized-usage-management centralized-usage-management

Centralized Usage Management

open-development-platform open-development-platform

Supports 1000+ containers

Get a single, unified solution that supports complex event correlations across multiple cloud and hybrid networks.


integrations integrations

200+ Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Get the integrations you need plus pro tips on monitoring and alerting for your evolving IT infrastructure.

open-telemetry open-telemetry

Splunk + OpenTelemetry

Leverage a strong and vibrant open-source community with no vendor lock in. Instrument once and use everywhere.

quantum metric background quantum metric background

CUSTOMER STORY Refactors Monoliths Into Microservices With Splunk Observability

Splunk captures all the logs, metrics and traces in a way that allows us to understand any event across our platform, so we can ask questions and get answers.

Matt Coddington Senior Director of Devops Engineering at

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