Splunk Storm End-of-Life

The Splunk team would like to notify all Splunk Storm customers of the upcoming end-of-life of Splunk Storm. Due to the success of Splunk Cloud, all cloud efforts will be focused on Splunk Cloud. Splunk Storm customers are encouraged to take advantage of a promotion to upgrade to Splunk Cloud, utilize our AMI, or download a free version of Splunk Enterprise.

Below is a timeline of events related to the end-of-life of Splunk Storm:

  • Monday, February 2, 2015: Splunk Storm will no longer accept new customers and existing Storm customers will not be able to create new projects.
  • Monday, March 2, 2015: All data inputs into Splunk Storm will be disabled and no new data will be accepted.
  • Wednesday, April 1, 2015: All access to Splunk Storm will be disabled.
Existing Storm Users
Access Splunk Storm (until 4/1) Login Here

Splunk Storm customers can continue to send data to existing projects until Monday, March 2, and continue to access existing projects until Wednesday, April 1.

Upgrade Promotion

Take advantage of our Splunk Storm to Splunk Cloud upgrade promotion. From 2/2/2015 to 4/1/2015, existing Splunk Storm customers can get 20% off a paid Splunk Cloud annual subscription purchase. Contact sales@splunk.com to get started.

Contact Sales

New to Splunk?

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Free Online Sandbox

To continue using Splunk solutions for free, check out our AMI or free download.

To access Splunk Storm (until 4/1), login here.