Splunk Cluster Administration

This 3-virtual day course is for an experienced Splunk Enterprise administrator who is new to Splunk Clusters. The course provides the fundamental knowledge of deploying and managing Splunk Enterprise in a clustered environment. It covers installation, configuration, management, and monitoring of Splunk clusters.

While Splunk Clusters are supported in Windows environments, the class lab environment is running Linux instances only.

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Course Topics

  • Large-scale Splunk Deployment Overview
  • Single-site (high-availability) Indexer Cluster
  • Multisite (disaster-recovery) Indexer Cluster
  • Indexer Cluster Management and Administration
  • Indexer Discovery Forwarder Configuration
  • Search Head Cluster
  • Search Head Cluster Management and Administration
  • KV Store Collection and Lookup Management

Course Prerequisites


  • Splunk System Administration
  • Splunk Data Administration

Strongly Recommended:

  • Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments
  • Working Linux knowledge
  • 3 months of hands-on Splunk administration experience

Class Format

Instructor-led lecture with labs. Delivered via virtual classroom or at your site.

Course Objectives

Module 1 - Large-scale Splunk Deployment Overview

  • Factors that affecting deployment design
  • Splunk cluster overview
  • License Master

Module 2 - Single-site Indexer Cluster

  • Splunk single-site indexer cluster configuration
  • Optional single-site indexer cluster configurations

Module 3 - Multisite Indexer Cluster

  • Splunk multi-site indexer cluster overview
  • Multi-site indexer cluster configuration
  • Optional multi-site indexer cluster configurations
  • Cluster migration and upgrade considerations

Module 4 - Indexer Cluster Management and Administration

  • Indexer cluster storage utilization options
  • Peer offline and decommission
  • Master app bundles
  • Monitoring Console for indexer cluster environment

Module 5 - Forwarder Management

  • Indexer discovery
  • Optional indexer discovery configurations

Module 6 - Search Head Cluster

  • Splunk search head cluster overview
  • Search head cluster configuration

Module 7 - Search Head Cluster Management and Administration

  • Search head cluster deployer
  • Captaincy transfer
  • Search head member addition and decommissioning
  • Monitoring Console for Search Head Cluster

Module 8 - KV Store Collection and Lookup Management

  • KV Store collection in Splunk clusters
  • KV Store monitoring with Monitoring Console