Splunk Nonprofit Licensing Options

Increase the positive social impact of your nonprofit by using Splunk and gaining a better understanding of your data. Used by nonprofits like NPR and Familysearch.org, Splunk lets organizations like yours maximize the efficiency of their data system and maintain security across their digital operations. Check out the nonprofit license options and download Splunk to help your organization fulfill its mission.

Learn more about how nonprofits use Splunk.


Interested in trying out Splunk? Download the free trial license of Splunk and index up to 500MB per day. After 60 days, or any time before then, you can convert to a perpetual Free license and continue to index up to 500MB per day.


Want to use Splunk to increase your efficiency or understand your data better? If you're a large nonprofit, please contact our sales department.

If you are a small nonprofit (annual budget below $1M) apply here for a Splunk Nonprofit license.

This free, one-year license gives your organization the ability to index up to 10GB of data for nonprofit mission-related purposes. Applicants must present a proposed use case, provide documentation of their nonprofit status and budget, and provide the contact name of an IT champion who can implement Splunk technology for your project.


If your organization is already using Splunk, we'd love to hear about the process and the impact that Splunk tools are having on your ability to achieve your organization's mission. We'll post the best case studies on our Splunk>4Good blog.

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