Virtual Classroom

Virtual classes are delivered via a web conferencing tool over a web browser. A real, live person delivers the class. You can take the class from anywhere - home, your office, the beach... There is no travel cost and no lost time from traveling. Splunk virtual classes are more than demos. In addition to the lecture, there are hands-on exercises using our virtual lab machines.

It's easy. All you need to participate is a Splunk-supported browser and a phone. There are additional requirements for the hands-on exercises.

To test conferencing connectivity prior to the class, go here.

For the hands-on portion, additional requirements depend on which class you are attending. For most classes, you only need to point your browser at a URL on port 80. For other classes, you'll need to point your browser to a URL on a different port, and make a ssh connection to the lab machine. You will then have your own Splunk instance to configure. When you register for a course, the required URL and ports are sent to you in the registration confirmation for testing your ability to connect prior to class.

For all classes, student materials are available for download during the class.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information.