Domino's Pizza Discovers an IT Data Gold Mine with Splunk


Russ Turner, Domino's Pizza, Manager, Site Reliability
Seth Porta, Domino's Pizza, Manager, Site Reliability Engineer
Leena Joshi, Splunk, Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing


Domino's Pizza, a recognized leader in pizza delivery, has one of the world's most sophisticated online ordering and tracking systems.

See how the IT team at Domino's uses Splunk to gain end-to-end visibility across the complex infrastructure that supports their mission-critical applications.

Using Splunk, Domino's has reduced troubleshooting times across a variety of application components and now can proactively monitor for problems. They also get faster insights into business-critical metrics such as response times for order channels, success of marketing promotions and trends in customer behavior.

Watch this webcast and see a live demo of how Domino's is using Splunk to:

  • Make online operations more efficient with insights gained from the machine data of their applications
  • Gather new analytics and create reports to inform business decisions