Splunk Training + Certification

Implementing Splunk Data Fabric Search (DFS)

Course Description

This 2-day course is designed for the experienced Splunk system administrators who are looking to manage massive dataset searches using DFS.This hands-on class is designed to provide the essential knowledge for DFS to scale Splunk search capabilities beyond the default limits.The course covers deployment use cases, configurations, DFS search commands, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the implementation.

Instructor-led Training Schedule

Course Prerequisites

  • Advanced Searching and Reporting
  • Splunk Cluster Administration
  • Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk Workload Management
  • Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Splunk Data Fabric Search
  • Implement DFS for Big Data Analysis
  • Implement DFS for Federated Searches
  • Monitoring and managing DFS environment

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Introduction to DFS
  • Describe a classic Splunk distributed search flow
  • Review Splunk Enterprise deployment options and search
  • List key attributes that limit Splunk search jobs
  • Describe the benefits of DFS
  • Understand new DFS terminology
Module 2 – Implement DFS for Big Data Analysis
  • List deployment requirements for DFS Big Data Analysis
  • Enable DFS for Big Data Analysis searches
  • Run DFS Big Data Analysis searches
  • Investigate DFS job details
Module 3 – Implement DFS for Federated Searches
  • List deployment requirements for federated searches
  • Enable DFS for federated searches
  • Run DFS federated search jobs
  • Investigate federated search job details
Module 4 – Monitoring and managing DFS Environment
  • Monitor DFS environment
  • Troubleshoot invalid searches
  • List common security mistakes