Splunk Training + Certification

Advanced Monitoring of Microservices Applications Using Splunk APM

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Course Description

This course targeted to developers and DevOps enables you to use to instrument your applications to send traces to SplunkAPM. Through in-person discussions and hands-on activities, learn to deploy Splunk APM and use auto-instrumentation to send in traces without altering your code. Use manual instrumentation to create spans and add metadata to spans. You will also see how to configure and deploy the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Instructor-led Training Schedule

Course Prerequisites

  • Monitoring your Microservices-based Applications Using Splunk APM

Course Topics

  • Deploy the Smart Agent
  • Use Auto-instrumentation to send traces
  • Manually instrument applications to send traces
  • Deploy and configure the OpenTelemetry collector

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Deploy the Splunk APM
  • Deploy the Smart Agent
  • Configur the Smart Agent to forward traces
Module 2 – Auto-instrument Applications to Send Traces
  • Describe the instrumentation options
  • Use auto-instrumentation to send traces
Module 3 – Manually Instrument Applications to Send Traces
  • Manually create spans
  • Add span tags
Module 4 – Configure the OpenTelemetry Collector
  • Configure and deploy the OpenTelemetry Collector