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Kubernetes Monitoring with Splunk

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Course Description

This 1-virtual day course is targeted to Site Reliability Engineers / DevOps Engineers / Application Developers who deploy to andmanage Kubernetes clusters. This course teaches the skills you needto monitor and troubleshoot your Kubernetes infrastructure withSplunk. You will learn to track and alert on the status of yourinstallation using built-in tools focused on Kubernetes to introspectclusters from multiple perspectives and identify potential troubleindicators. Through in-person discussions and hands-on activitieslearn multiple ways you can view and automate the monitoring ofyour clusters and running jobs.

Instructor-led Training Schedule

Course Prerequisites

  • Using Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Course Topics

  • Splunk for Kubernetes overview & terminology
  • Kubernetes tools in Splunk
  • How we monitor Kubernetes
  • Viewing the details of a Kubernetes installation
  • Dashboard Group for Kubernetes
  • Automate monitoring with Detectors & Alerts

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Course Overview
  • Kubernetes Review & Terminology 
  • Monitoring & metrics review 
  • Splunk tools for Kubernetes
Module 2 – Kubernetes Tools in Splunk
  • Navigator Infrastructure 
  • Monitoring Tools 
  • Built-in Kubernetes Dashboards 
  • Hands-on exploration using these tools
Module 3 – How We Monitor Kubernetes
  • How the Smart Agent collects Kubernetes metrics 
  • Review: About Metrics, Metric Time Series, Properties 
  • Metrics used to monitor Kubernetes 
  • Using the Metrics Catalog to explore metrics
Module 4 – Viewing the Details of a Kubernetes Installation
  • Viewing a graphical map of your Kubernetes installation 
  • Multiple ways to view the status of Kubernetes resources 
  • Viewing Kubernetes events 
  • Using the Cluster Analyzer to pinpoint the source of trouble 
  • Creating charts of outlier values and correlations
Module 5 – Dashboard Group for Kubernetes
  • Monitoring Kubernetes with the built-in dashboards
  • Investigate a problem with dashboards
  • Comparison of dashboards vs other Kubernetes tools
  • Viewing cluster services
  • Create a custom chart
Module 6 – Automate monitoring with Detectors and Alerts
  • How detectors are used to monitor a metric
  • Common detectors used in monitoring Kubernetes
  • Create a detector using multiple methods
  • Forwarding Kubernetes resource events into Splunk