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Splunk Training + Certification

Using the Splunk IM Terraform Provider

Course Description

This 9-hour virtual course targeted towards DevOps, Observability, and SRE teams is a follow-up to the course “Automation Using theREST and SignalFlow APIs”. Learn to use the Splunk Terraform provider to manage Splunk IM resources for visualization, alerting, and teams. Create and manage detectors and muting rules. Learn to create and modify teams including team notification policies.

Instructor-led Training Schedule

Course Prerequisites


  • Automation Using the REST and SignalFlow APIs

Course Topics

  • Introduction to the Splunk Terraform provider
  • Manage chart resources
  • Manage dashboards and dashboard groups
  • Manage alerting resources
  • Manage teams resources

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Introduction to the Splunk Terraform Provider
  • Install terraform
  • Use the Splunk Terraform provider
  • Run a terraform plan
Module 2 – Manage Chart Resources
  • Create chart resources
  • Modify SignalFlow in the chart resource
  • Specify chart options
Module 3 – Manage Dashboards and Dashboard Groups
  • Create and modify dashboard groups
  • Create dashboard resources
  • Create datalinks
Module 4 – Manage Alerting Resources
  • Create and modify detector resources
  • Add multiple rules to a detector
  • Create a muting rule
Module 5 – Manage Teams
  • Create and modify team resources
  • Define team notification policies
Module 6 – Use Common Terraform Commands and Concepts
  • Define and use variables in Terraform
  • Use different options with Terraform plan and apply commands
  • Work with the Terraform state file