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Course Description

This 4 1/2 hour power user course teaches you to search, navigate, create simple reports and dashboards, and use Splunk's Pivot interface.

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Course Topics

  • Introduction to Splunk's interface
  • Introduction to the Lab Environment
  • Searching
  • Using fields
  • Creating reports and visualizations
  • Using pivot
  • Working with Dashboards
Course Objectives

Module 1 -  Introduction to the Lab Environment

  • Understand the lab environment
  • Understand the personas referenced in the course

Module 2 -   Introduction to Splunk's User Interface

  • Understand the uses of Splunk
  • Define Splunk Apps
  • Learn basic navigation in Splunk

Module 3 - Searching

  • Run basic searches
  • Set the time range of a search
  • Identify the contents of search results
  • Refine searches
  • Use the timeline
  • Work with events
  • Control a search job
  • Save search results

Module 4 - Using Fields in Searches

  • Understand fields
  • Use field in searches
  • Use the fields in sidebar

Module 5 - Creating Reports and Visualizations

  • Save a search as a report
  • Edit reports
  • Create reports that include visualizations such as charts

Module 6 - Using Pivot

  • Describe Pivot
  • Understand the relationship between data models and pivot
  • Select a data model object
  • Create a pivot report
  • Create an instant pivot from a search

Module 7 - Working with Dashboards

  • Create a dashboard
  • Add a reports to a dashboard
  • Add a pivot report to a dashboard
  • Edit a dashboard