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Splunk Training + Certification

Using Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Course Description

This comprehensive 9-hour virtual course targets Ops, SREs and observability teams. It provides practical applications of using the platform. Learn to navigate the user interface and monitor your infrastructure using out-of-the-box SplunkIM functionality.
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Instructor-led Training Schedule

Course Prerequisites


  • Splunk IM and APM Fundamentals series (self-paced)

Course Topics

  • Differentiate Between Types of  Metadata
  • Monitor your Environment using Built-in Content
  • Create and Manage Teams
  • Work with Dashboard Groups and Dashboards
  • Work with Charts
  • Create Detectors and Alert on  Metrics
  • Create Detectors for Common Use Cases

Course Objectives

Module 1 – Introducing Splunk IM
  • Describe the Splunk IM solution
  • Describe and use metadata
  • Use the Infrastructure Navigator
  • Navigate built-in dashboards

Module 2 – Create Team Summary Dashboards
  • Create a team
  • Work with dashboard groups and dashboards
  • Work with charts
  • Share dashboards and charts
  • Describe how Splunk IM handles data
Module 3 – Alerting on Splunk IM Metrics
  • Create detectors
  • Create events
  • View events in dashbaords
  • Mute notifications
  • Share charts
Module 4 – Creating Custom Dashboards
  • Use sum (group by)
  • Use Top N/Bottom N
  • Use percentiles
  • Compare week over week change or look at growth rate
  • Describe rollups and resolution in charts
  • Create data links
  • Monitor multiple signals
Module 5 – Creating Detectors for Common Use Cases
  • Monitor populations
  • Create non-flapping detectors
  • Monitor aperiodic data
  • Handle delayed data
  • Monitor cyclical patterns
  • Monitor large number of sources
  • Monitor an ephemeral infrastructure