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Splunk Training + Certification

Splunk App for Content Packs Walkthrough

Course Description

This 11.5-minute walkthrough is for Splunk and IT admins with basic IT knowledge who understand IT Operations and monitoring. Students will learn the basic use of Splunk's App for Content Packs, its installation, and its configuration. They will learn how to add knowledge objects to ITSI and IT Essentials Work resources to monitor, and how to check monitoring metrics.


Prerequisite Knowledge

To be successful, students should have a solid understanding of one of the following courses:

  • IT Essentials Work Walkthrough
  • IImplementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence
  • ISplunk Enterprise System Administration
  • ISplunk Cloud Administration

Or the following single-subject courses::

  • What is Splunk?
  • Intro to Splunk
  • Using Fields
  • Scheduling Reports and Alerts
  • Visualizations
  • Working with Time
  • Leveraging Lookups and Sub-searches
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Search Under the Hood
  • Search Optimization
  • Introduction to Knowledge Objects
  • Creating Knowledge Objects
  • Creating Field Extractions
  • Enriching Data with Lookups
  • Data Models
  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • Dynamic Dashboards

Course Topics

  • Overview
  • App Installation
  • Content Pack Configuration

Course Objectives

Section 1 – Overview
  • Basic explanation of product design and workflow.
Section 2 – Installation
  • Explain how to install the app on-premise, and the contact packs.
Section 3 – Configuration
  • Learn where to get info for content pack configuration.