Identify and Remediate Bottlenecks

As your Splunk deployment expands, data and end-user interactions can strain compute resources and increase the risk of misconfigurations. The Splunk Optimization Services offering helps you identify and remediate architecture, performance, scalability and data quality issues related to scale.

The Splunk Optimization Services offering provides these benefits:

  • Technical architecture review and tuning with recommendations for a solid Splunk architecture foundation based on years of experience
  • Complete review of your Splunk environment to ensure your implementation is healthy and ready to expand into new use cases
  • Splunk professional services experts who will collaborate with your Splunk administrators every step of the way to ensure best practices are in place
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What You Get With the Splunk Optimization Offering

The Splunk Professional Services Optimization offering is designed for customers who have deployed or expanded a production Splunk infrastructure and are not realizing all the business benefits they should from their Splunk investment.


A business review and discussion of the current requirements, including data sources, searches, dashboard and alerts to be reviewed.

Splunk Environment Review

Review Splunk architecture and configurations across search heads, indexers, cluster master and data forwarders.

Data Onboarding Review

Thoroughly review and document all Splunk instances, configurations, hardware specifications and OS settings to ensure they adhere to Splunk best practices.

Knowledge Object Review

Review knowledge object content, including saved searches, alerts, reports, dashboards and scheduler execution across the Splunk environment.

Security Review

Review of security settings, authentication, role-based access controls and Splunk role capabilities.

Remediation of Findings

Reconfigure the Splunk platform for best practice execution across the key areas of server configuration, forwarder configuration, knowledge object configuration, data onboarding, and search execution.

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We offer three tiers of support for the Splunk Well offering: Standard, Advanced and Premium. Please contact us to determine the best package for your business needs.  








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