Make Faster & Smarter Security Decisions

The Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) deployment is a professional services offering that is designed to support the rapid implementation of Splunk ES in your environment so you can make faster and smarter security decisions and increase the overall return on your investment.

Additionally, our expert consultants will assist in implementing hand-picked use-cases within Splunk Enterprise Security; these use cases are selected due to their high importance, low level of false positives, ease of implementation, and application to any industry or vertical.

The Splunk Enterprise Security Essentials offering comes in three tiers to address these business benefits:

  • Onboarding of nine essential data sources to build a foundation for a robust security monitoring program
  • Security use case discovery assistance and workshops designed to help you monitor and increase the effectiveness of your security posture
  • Enterprise Security health checks offered twice during the first year of your deployment to optimize the environment, validate any changes you have implemented and work with your staff to increase productivity
  • Customized correlation searches designed to look for indications of malicious activity on your network

What You Get With the Splunk ES Essentials Offering

The Splunk ES Essentials Service offering is designed to help you scale your environment up to 1TB. It includes deployment services, training, conference passes and prescriptive network architecture recommendations.

Installation Support

Install, onboard, deploy and optimize 18 essential queries (correlation searches) for your environment.

Custom Dashboards & Visualizations

Assistance creating up to four custom dashboards 
and one custom Glass Table visualization. 

Training & Education Credits

Over-the-shoulder training for your Splunk admins 
and a complete walk-through of ES functionality for your staff. 

Best Practices

Best practices for onboarding data 
and creating 
correlation searches and help creating four adaptive response actions.

.conf Passes

Passes to Splunk’s annual user conference (.conf) where attendees can join the community and become inspired by what other companies are doing with Splunk.

Splunk ES Upgrade

With the Premium offering, Splunk Professional Services will upgrade you to the most recent version of Splunk ES and review new features and capabilities with your staff. We will schedule this service with your ES Health Check.

Ask a Services Expert

The Splunk ES Essentials offering comes in three tiers – Standard, Advanced and Premium. All offerings are recommended for customers with up to 1TB in daily data volume. Splunk provides additional services with its Advanced and Premium offerings to continue to deliver value during your first year of deployment. Contact us to find out which option is best for your business needs.

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