Detect and Mitigate with Analytics-Driven Cybersecurity

Security incidents occur without warning — from the insider threat to ransomware — and can go undetected long enough to pose a serious threat to your business. Investigations often prove challenging and time consuming. By the time your security team is aware of an issue, there is a good chance that your organization has already been negatively impacted

By providing analytics-driven insights from any machine data, regardless of source or format, Splunk enables security analysts to quickly identify root cause and make informed decisions on how to remediate an issue.

  • Monitor, detect, analyze, and confirm higher-priority threats
  • Shorten investigation cycles with visual analysis, graphical representation of thresholds, risk-based alerting, alarms, indicators and trends
  • Respond quickly and appropriately in the event of a security breach
  • Share critical security intelligence across teams from a single platform
  • Be proactive in dealing with threats and maintaining security posture
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The Intuitive Security Analyst Investigation Workflow

Splunk enables security analysts to take a proactive stance to investigation and response – from monitoring and triage, verifying and escalating, to responding to a breach or infection. See how the Splunk Platform can help you address your specific security challenges.

Search Across Security and IT Domains

Locate all relevant activities from different technologies and data stacks. Search keywords, terms or values to look across network devices, hosts, card readers, POS devices using a variety of methods. 

Easily Change Search Criteria

Adjust your search without having to backtrack, quickly adding or removing criteria to “connect the dots” or pinpoint root cause.

Find Meaningful Information

Focus on relevant fields and tasks by adding or removing fields from an investigation, or enriching with other data sources to find meaningful patterns.

Understand Cause and Effect

Map out the sequence of activities and events, and identify potential relationships; confirm cause and effect; customize timeline parameters.

Find and Share Trends and Patterns

Observe and cross-reference against historical data with alerts and monitoring. Apply different visualization techniques to the search results. 

Determine Anomalies

Locate and analyze anomalies using correlation and the application of statistical operations on search results to aggregate, count and order the results. 

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Experiment with security investigation tasks without installing any software to see how this works.

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Why Splunk for Security Investigation?

Establish baselines and profile trends and behaviors to better target anomalies. Splunk Enterprise helps you address your immediate security needs and grows with your team as new security issues arise over time.

Analytics-Driven Security

The Splunk Platform streamlines the security analytics cycle and provides a range of analytical capabilities to deliver the right information at the right time to the right teams with the context they need to detect and respond to an incident quickly.

Security Analytics Cycle

The security analytics cycle is the continual process of planning, implementing, managing, testing and reporting. Analysts work from a common data set and platform to share investigation notes, IOCs and automate where possible.

Data Exploration

Splunk enables you to capture, index and navigate any machine data without prior knowledge of the data or incident. This improves human insights and speeds up data exploration by keeping track of searches and actions without the need to open multiple tabs or track in separate tools.

Real-Time Correlations

Real-time correlations and analytics help determine if multiple events are related to the same incident. Looking at all the data and performing analytics allows security teams to get a better view of their entire infrastructure and take steps to reduce risk.

Alerts and Reports

Alerts and reports of an incident can ensure full visibility and knowledge transfer to different teams throughout an organization to make more informed decisions, giving your security team a better chance to stop an attack and mitigate risk.

Information Sharing

Information sharing builds end-to-end visibility across infrastructures and teams and enables better decision making based on real-time knowledge about what is happening in your environment. Once a foundation is set, it is easier to focus on performance, scale and management. 

Strengthen Your Security Posture with the Splunk Security Ecosystem

We have a strong ecosystem in place that enables customers to accelerate end-to-end insights with a prebuilt collection of dashboards, reports and saved searches. Strengthen your security posture today by choosing from a variety of applications on Splunkbase.

Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk

Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk delivers an advanced security reporting and analysis tool.

Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk

Cisco Security Suite

The Cisco Security Suite provides a single pane of glass interface into Cisco security data.

Cisco Security Suite

Tanium App for Splunk

The Tanium Splunk Application contains a set of dashboards that correspond to a fixed set of questions that populate the data.

Tanium App for Splunk

Qualys Technology Add-on for Splunk

The Qualys Technology Add-on (TA) for Splunk is a Technology Add-On for Qualys Cloud Platform data.

Qualys Technology Add-on for Splunk