Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Large-scale Linux and Unix environments have dense distributed applications that aren’t easy to manage. The Splunk App for Unix and Linux includes a customizable service-based categorization of your Unix and Linux hosts, as well as pre-packaged alerts to speed up problem resolution and easily detect over- and under-utilized resources. You can also:

  • Visualize metrics to easily identify anomalies and outliers across all your systems
  • Quickly compare CPU, RAM and disk capacity utilization across hosts to identify capacity allocation issues 

  • Extend Splunk capabilities to your *nix systems
  • Correlate data from your Unix and Linux infrastructure with data from applications, network, virtual and physical infrastructure for enterprise-wide visibility
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Why Splunk for Unix and Linux?

Pre-Packaged Alerts

Proactively monitor your environment with out-of-the-box, pre-packaged alerts accessible through flexible visualizations

Monitor Systems & Services

Scale your Splunk environment to easily monitor new systems and services

Correlate Machine Data

Correlate machine data from your Unix and Linux systems with all other technology tiers such as application performance, virtualization, storage or networks

Accelerate Deployments

Accelerate your deployment of new apps, users, data sources and features using the Splunk Common Information Models (CIM)

Splunk Search Language

Use the Splunk search language, visualizations and correlations to find causal links across technologies

Track Resource Utilization

Get an accurate picture of resource usage and performance across multiple tiers of your IT stack