solution guide

Reduce crime, improve response and judicial efficiencies with analytics

  • Enhance security and ensure compliance

  • Improve efficiencies and system availability

  • Reduce crime with intelligence-led law enforcement

  • Optimize resource allocation and preparedness with predictive analytics

  • Enable interagency collaboration with secure data sharing across silos

Public safety agencies are tasked with protecting the community—from wildfires and extreme weather events to terrorism and cybercrimes. Whether it’s emergency management services, law enforcement agencies, fire departments or rescue squads, these organizations need real-time information, must coordinate with each other, and share information and intelligence across disparate technological infrastructures and siloed functions. Agencies must provide these citizen services while also dealing with increased demand for transparency, accountability and controlling costs. 

The Splunk analytics software offers public safety organizations real-time insights by collecting, correlating and enriching machine data to ensure mission success. Splunk helps agencies cut across silos of operations and bring all relevant information in one place to offer holistic visibility to solve a variety of challenges across security, IT operations and public safety programs. With the Splunk's smart analytics, public safety agencies can easily make sense of large volumes of data, from any source regardless of format, type, rate or volume, to gain real-time, enterprise-wide visibility, to make fast and confident decisions, and securely share intelligence across agencies enhancing collaboration, trust and program success. 

IT Operations

Improve public safety and system uptime with end-to-end visibility across agencies, systems, and infrastructure components such as servers, storage, network and security devices, applications and databases as well as physical infrastructure like surveillance cameras, sensors and wearable devices. Quickly pinpoint root cause of issues, manage incidents faster and reduce resolution times to contain adverse agency impact with an integrated view across legacy, homegrown and commercial applications and systems. Proactively monitor distributed and cloud infrastructures, ensure optimal performance, and confidently undertake modernization initiatives with granular, real-time insights.

Security and Compliance

Leverage analytics-driven security for unprecedented insights across the enterprise to quickly detect cyberattacks and insider threats, handle incident response and ad hoc investigations faster and identify anomalous behavior. Ensure compliance with internal policies and Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) with granular role-based access control. Use machine data, like access logs, to ensure only authorized personnel use private data for approved purposes.


Law Enforcement

Effectively conduct investigations and allocate resources with complete and timely analyses of data from all relevant sources—criminal records, incident reports, 911 calls, security video, cell phones and more. Leverage powerful correlations and visualizations to make sense of data in vast disparate stores to solve crimes and more effectively deploy assets and officers. Implement predictive and intelligence-led policing initiatives faster and more affordably than with traditional tools. 

Fusion Centers

Eliminate technological hurdles to information sharing with fusion centers. Access data securely on a need-to-know-and-share basis from multiple sources and overcome the data siloes that impede investigations. Leverage centralized visualizations and powerful dashboards to quickly drill into details without losing context of the investigation. Quickly connect the dots, identify hidden patterns and discover trends to proactively detect and combat crimes and other threats to the community. 

Courts & Justice

Correlate and enrich relevant data across disparate systems to better understand trends and patterns to eliminate system bottlenecks and accelerate cases with unprecedented insights improving the judicial system’s agility, efficiencies and overall reputation. Leverage packaged and customizable dashboards to track metrics and KPIs that correlate crimes with demographics, socioeconomic factors and other attributes for informed and effective policymaking and penal decisions.

Emergency Management & Disaster Relief

In the chaos of emergency settings take advantage of situational awareness, enhance preparedness and response capabilities by harnessing and correlating data from all relevant sources, including social and cross-agency feeds, into easy to understand, actionable visuals. Prioritize and allocate resources as conditions change by pinpointing vulnerabilities and as situations demand. Respond to disasters and emergencies more effectively and faster with predictive and real-time data analytics.