Spring Has Splunk’d

Splunk springs forward with a host of innovative updates for
its flagship products and services

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Turn Artificial Intelligence Into Actionable Intelligence

Splunk debuts a new wave of AI-powered innovation that allows you to act and put your data to work. Splunk Cloud™, Splunk® Enterprise, Splunk Premium Solutions and the Machine Learning Toolkit combine to help wrangle and prepare large volumes of data—the fuel that powers artificial intelligence.

We used the free Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit to benchmark typical Wi-Fi usage from customers across hotel sites, and used that baseline to spot low traffic. We immediately contacted our wireless service provider to correct connection issues before our customers had to call us.

- Cesar Mendoza, Application Development Manager, Strategic Systems and Innovation

New Capabilities Support More Users and More
Use Cases

Splunk's most performant release ever, Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud™ harness advanced visualizations and intelligent alerts to get more answers from your data. Use Metrics to increase data performance, Dynamic Data to store your data your way, and continue your business's digital transformation with updates to Splunk® User Behavior Analytics and IT Service Intelligence Premium Solutions.

With metrics, we’ll also be able to serve more users and run more searches in the same timeframe it would typically take us to run regular SPL searches.

- Clara Merriman, Business Intelligence Engineer, Data Technology

Going All-In on Cloud-Native and
Open-Source Integrations

Splunk's expanded integrations with cloud-native initiatives and open-source software create a true, open machine data platform. Now you can further increase the value of your Splunk investment in a range of data-intensive use cases. For example, the new Splunk® Connect for Apache Kafka reliably ingests real-time streaming data to allow you to investigate web activity and app performance, as well as aggregate log and event data on a massive scale.

We're now able to ingest large, near-real-time data streams and are consuming terabytes of logs from our Kafka cluster into Splunk Enterprise every day.

- John Swanson, Security Incident Response Manager

Flexible Options, Prescriptive Solutions

Splunk's redesigned Support and Professional Services options—Base, Standard, and Premium—provide flexibility to find the right level of assistance for you and the prescriptive expertise to direct you on accelerating the value you can capture with Splunk® software.