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Splunk® Insights for Infrastructure

The quick-to-deploy solution for server, cloud, and OS monitoring without limits. One product for monitoring and troubleshooting. No muss, no fuss.

splunk-insights-for-infrastructure splunk-insights-for-infrastructure

Webinar | Scale Your Cloud-Native Monitoring Platform

Low-maintenance, seamless monitoring and troubleshooting

get-up-and-running-in-no-time get-up-and-running-in-no-time

Get up and running in no time

Collect data and deploy software to hosts in minutes to populate prebuilt visualizations

break-down-data-silos break-down-data-silos

Break down data silos

Monitor metrics and troubleshoot logs in one view, not multiple tools

get-to-root-causefaster get-to-root-causefaster

Get to root cause faster

Reduce MTTR with holistic and entity-level views, triggered alerting and cross-tier correlations

The 8 Biggest Mistakes IT Practitioners Make

Product Capabilities
Easily find the source of infrastructure issues

Real Time Monitoring with Pre-Built Visualizations

Monitor performance of your hybrid infrastructure by entity, including CPU, network, memory, disk, system load, custom defined dimensions and more. Monitor single entities or groups of entities. Drill down into an entity or group to review details or troubleshoot an issue.

Speed Up Investigations with Custom, Triggered Alerting

Use alerts to monitor triggered events and perform root cause analysis. Alert conditions and search logs collected from your servers can provide insighs into issues and helps clarify why your infrastructure is performing the way it is.

Investigate Performance With Cross-Tier Correlations

Analyze performance metrics for a single entity or a group of entities. Determine poor performing entities by metrics, or determine a point in time when multiple entities began performing in a similar way. View and search for entities in a group, or view all groups an entity belongs to for easy navigation in a chart or list.

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Already Have Splunk Enterprise?

The Splunk App for Infrastructure provides an identical experience to Splunk Insights for Infrastructure but offers additional platform capabilities like search and reporting, correlation across all layers of IT data, role-based access controls, clustering, and more. It’s free with your Enterprise license.

Entrust Splunk story background Entrust Splunk story background

Entrust Datacard Corporation Gains Unified Infrastructure Monitoring With Splunk

Splunk App for Infrastructure cleverly combines metrics and logging for a more complete view of infrastructure performance. We can see unusual behavior such as a CPU spike and correlate it with logs to troubleshoot problems much more quickly. 

Daryl Robbins Sr. Cloud Architect, Entrust Datacard
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