Visualize Geographic Data in Real Time

Use the iplocation location to assign IP addresses a latitude and longitude and geostats to map statistics in real time.


Video Transcript

Do you need to visualize cyber threats geographically in real time or track a fleet of assets over a specific time range? Splunk Search Processing Language allows you to calculate statistics and map results geographically using your machine data.

To start, IP location can be used to enrich IP addresses with location data, such as city, region, country, and lat long coordinates, all in real time. Then we can use the powerful geostats command to map the results. Additionally, geostats can also be used to map calculated statistics and split by different fields for more context.

Geom is another powerful command allowing users the ability to map statistics over both built-in choropleths or, in this case, custom created polygons. These can be downloaded KMZ files or built from our Shapester app on Splunkbase.

And lastly, the table command can be utilized to track and trace specific or multiple object movements over time. These are just a few ways SPL can help you make sense of your geographic data. Learn more about Splunk Search Processing language at