Splunk Transforms DevOps Process

See how Splunk delivers real-time, mission-critical visibility into every step, system and process involved in shipping new products to your customers.


Video Transcript


DevOps is all about improving communication and collaboration between developers, QA, and operations to help companies build, test, and ship new software faster and more efficiently. However, teams can struggle with the lack of visibility into different tools and systems, accelerated time to market pressure, and increasing complexity throughout the lifecycle process. Insight gathering can be manual and ad hoc turning the time it takes to resolve issues into days or weeks. Without a single place to access and visualize data or a simple way to correlate data from various sources, you don't have everything you need to deliver software to customers quickly and efficiently.

With Splunk software, you can find, trace, and fix issues in real-time at any point in the application lifecycle. Bugs that otherwise might take days or weeks to find can be tracked down in minutes. With the Splunk platform, you can collect, index, and correlate data from various sources. Once your data is in Splunk, you can quickly and easily search, explore, and visualize the data. Splunk can provide insight into data in any environment like testing, staging, and production.

And developers can search and visualize data from production environments without needing to access production machines. You don't have to know what questions to ask your data ahead of time. Splunk software is flexible about the data you put in. Splunk can handle everything from clickstream data to Syslog to web access logs to custom application logs to back-end databases and SOA architectures. By logging all the important information about your applications and users, you can achieve powerful analytics without the hassle of building special purpose software

Splunk is also a powerful complement to the applications, tools, and systems that you use every day to build, test, and ship products. Splunk delivers application lifecycle intelligence which enables you to track every code check-in, build, test pass, and deployment in real-time. Splunk software can help you run DevOps practices like continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Splunk empowers you to quickly trace and identify errors anywhere in the code base with real-time search and monitoring, delivers application intelligence from your logs, and provides real time insights from the systems and processes that drive your application lifecycle. Download Splunk, now. It's easy to get started. Visit us at splunk.com.