Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit

The Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit lets you detect, predict and prevent what matters most to your organization. Watch this video to learn more.


Video Transcript


Machine learning is bringing data analysis into a new era, and Splunk makes it easy to harness the power of machine learning to optimize your real time IT, security, and business operations, helping to detect incidents, reduce resolution times, optimize business results, and predict and prevent costly events.

You can create and operationalize your own custom machine learning models with the Machine Learning Toolkit. The toolkit provides modeling assistance, interactive examples, and tutorials that make it simple to build your own predictive analytics. You can create analytics in six useful areas-- from prediction and detection, to forecasting and clustering.

The toolkit includes over 25 common Python algorithms, and gives you access to over 300 more from popular, open source Python libraries. You can get started by exploring interactive examples that step you through the entire process for IT, security, business, and IoT use cases, or view the video tutorials for each case.

Then choose an assistant to guide you in creating your own custom-built model. You specify data source, select an algorithm, choose the value to predict, the fields to use for prediction, and preferred training splits. Then fit and optimize your model, comparing actual results to predicted results using powerful visualizations and statistical analysis.

Once complete, you can schedule regular retraining of the model and deploy it in your production environment as a scheduled alert. You also have complete access to the underlying Splunk SPL commands generated by the toolkit, giving you the freedom to further customize your model, and to operationalize it in any [? way you ?] [? desire. ?] That's Splunk Machine Learning-- giving you the new power to detect, predict, and prevent what matters most to your organization.