Splunk In Healthcare: "Bosch"

Splunk In Healthcare: Bosch Large German industrial company Bosch is using Splunk to optimize its systems and identify software and hardware issues.


Video Transcript

Bosch, it's a international company. We've got many business areas. So we have diversified business areas, like, automotive technology, industry technology, consumer goods. And so they are new business areas like health care. We're using medical devices for transferring vital signs and information about the behavioral changes of patients. Helps the patients to stay at home and keeps them alive during their chronic disease. Splunk has a very intuitive user interface, so it's very easy for the user searching for special medical devices.

Our patient interfaces are basically meant for uploading vitals to the back ends, or downloading questionnaires that are to be answered by patients. And our current device does not have that reporting functionality that I would like to have on the patient interfaces.

Are there any software-related issues? Any operating system related issues? Are there issues with the connectivity to the back end? And I really want to be aware of that just to try to optimize our operations to capture our customer support, or even the software that is running on the device.

Splunk just gave us the documentation and the Java code, example words, and the libraries that we need, in order to ramp up and get the connection to the back end. This might be just analyzing the connection issues that we face that the patient interface was faced with. But on the other hand, we may be able to also analyze the behavior of the patients that are using the patient interface.

For instance, we could check how a certain action or how much time the patient needs to perform a certain action on the user interface. And this may enable us to improve the user interface for all patients. Splunk is actually querying unstructured data and it does that job extremely, extremely good. Very efficient, very quick, and it delivers the answers that I expect.