Splunk for AIOps

Learn about how artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, can transform your organization, helping them shift from reactive to predictive IT.


Video Transcript


IT operations are increasingly complex. Some IT teams are drowning in tools and alerts, while others are siloed with legacy tools and only part of the picture. This puts the business in constant risk of disruption, revenue loss, and poor customer experience. With Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, or AIOps, on the scalable Splunk platform, you can shift from reactive to predictive IT to solve problems before they occur, ingest, label, and analyze all data types at scale to visualize and monitor all of your business and IT services.

Splunk uses machine learning to gain future state insights in real time so you can prevent service degradation in advance. It identifies historical patterns automatically in order to cluster, group, and correlate data, identify trends, thresholds, and KPIs, and alert you to the events that matter most. Embrace your data with Splunk and gain the data-driven insights you need to compete and win with a reliable and scalable AIOps strategy.