Splunk Everywhere! SIEM In The Cloud

Find out how Splunk’s SIEM in the cloud solution can save time when it comes to identifying and preventing advanced threats.


Video Transcript


When you are experiencing advanced attacks all while investigating a potential breach, time is of the essence. You just don't have time to go acquire new hardware and deploy them. To identify advanced threat vectors as well as the threat actors, enterprise security teams now need the ability to conduct full ad hoc analysis across cloud data, as well as on prem data, involving network, identity, and point and threat Intel, as well as non-traditional security relevant data.

As workloads and applications move to the Cloud, Security practitioners now have the opportunity to improve their security operations, as well as security intelligence by using a Sim in the cloud solution to not only secure their cloud workloads, but their on prem systems as well. Many Splunk customers use Splunk enterprise security with Splunk cloud as their seeming cloud solution to detect advanced malware, investigate advanced threats, and for rapid response, often realizing value in hours.