Splunk Everywhere! Business Process Analytics

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into business processes such as new service activation, trade settlement, and claims processing.


Video Transcript


Business processes are a lifeline of any organization. In retail, auto management lifecycle is important. In health care, claims processing is a complex business process. In financials, trade settlement is a complex business process.

Business process analytics is the ability to gain end-to-end visibility into these complex business processes in real time. So once you have visibility into these processes, you can understand the bottlenecks, the performance, and the throughput of the process. And as a result, you can optimize these business processes.

For example, if you're in health care, understanding how the claims process works enables you to better manage your revenue cycle, and then also avoid financial penalties that are associated with [INAUDIBLE].

Now, Splunk as a platform enables you to gain a data-driven view of the process, and it enables you to look across heterogeneous systems, [? coordinate those ?] data sources, and gain real-time visibility into your entire business process.