Splunk Everywhere! Business Analytics

Machine data holds critical information into how customers are interacting with your brand. Find out how customers are using real-time data in Splunk to drive business insights.


Video Transcript


What we are seeing from business analytics perspective are two things. One is the growth of machine data. Historically, companies have leaned towards looking at historical data to understand how the business performed or how it might perform, but more and more customers want to leverage machine data the source of key insights to the business.

Machine data is even coming from connected devices, cars, applications, mobile devices, because key and critical insights into how customers engage with your brand. The second aspect we are seeing with business analytics is also the real time aspect of it where customers want to understand in real time what is happening in the business now. And that has become critical for them to run their businesses.

So Splunk is a platform that enables you to gain real time insights from machine data. It's a platform that enables you to gather quarterly and analyze data in real time from all these sources that are generating machine data in real time.