Splunk Everywhere! Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Management from Splunk delivers visibility across applications and infrastructure and infrastructure stacks with a one-console solution.


Video Transcript


Application performance management has gone from something that's nice to have, to must have. The reason why is digital transformation, with digital transformation, applications are changing the way in which we buy things online. The way in which we order services, the way in which we engage our employees. But when those applications are performing poorly, services don't get ordered, revenue doesn't get recognized, and customers are going to leave your brand.

Application performance management benefits a number of people in the organization. Starts with developers. With good application performance management, developers get insight into how their applications that they built really work in production, and with that, they're able to quickly troubleshoot problems, and they're able to design better performing and more reliable applications.

Site reliability engineers and performance engineers get better insights into how applications really work, and that allows them to make better decisions around the infrastructure. Operations teams are able to quickly identify and triage and resolve problems quickly. And lastly, the lines of business are able to really understand how application performance relates to business outcomes that they're responsible for.

APM tools are valuable. They're great at helping you identify problems in your application code, but Splunk is different. Splunk provides you visibility across applications, as well as your entire infrastructure stack in bringing it all together into one console. Many of our customers use APM tools like New Relic, Dynatrace, AppDynamics to better understand the code execution and application performance that they have. They're able to integrate that information from those APM tools into Splunk, and be able to visualize that information all in one place.

Getting started with Splunk is easy. You can go to Splunk.com and start a trial of Splunk enterprise or Splunk cloud today. We also offer Splunk quick start bundles for application management. With the quick start bundle, you're able to get a Splunk license, applications for some of the most common application infrastructures, professional services, education services, and even a Comp pass. With these items, you're able to get up and running and successful in as little as a week.