Splunk Enterprise Overview: Turning Machine Data into Operational Intelligence

Splunk Enterprise makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the big data generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications.


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The applications and technologies your organization relies on are everywhere. In your data center, in the cloud, or both. Splunk enterprise takes the valuable machine data generated from all these sources, and turns it into powerful operational intelligence to run IT better, to better secure and audit IT, and to provide real time visibility and insights to IT and the business.

Splunk enterprise is the industry leading platform for machine data. Collect and index virtually any machine data in its native format from wherever it's generated. Splunk forwarders deploy to any device, server, or equipment, and forward data in real time. Easily search, navigate, and interact with your data. Monitor and alert on threshold conditions around the clock.

Analyze trends, correlate different data streams, identify patterns, anomalies, and exceptions. Rapidly visualize and share insights in customer reports and dashboards. And empower every user from I.t. And business to analyze data wherever they are. Take advantage of hundreds of Splunk apps that prepackaged reports and dashboards for specific technologies and use cases.

And as your data volumes grow, Splunk enterprise scales, collecting data from tens of thousands of sources, at volumes of hundreds of terabytes per day across multi-site, global deployments. With built-in failover and disaster recovery, to protect the mission critical insights you rely on.

The latest version of Splunk enterprise delivers breakthroughs and performance, capacity, and management, to support big data analysis at a lower cost of ownership. In fact, Splunk enterprise now requires just one third of hardware it did two years ago, lowering your deployment TCO by over 50%. It enables organizations to onboard, enrich, and analyze machine data faster than ever before.

Scale to higher numbers of concurrent searches and spend less time managing their distributed deployments. Splunk makes your machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. There are thousands of organizations in every industry using Splunk enterprise to unlock incredible insights from their machine data. Get started today. Download Splunk enterprise for free or sign up for our free online trial.