Predictive IT with Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Learn about the predictive analytics capabilities of Splunk IT Service Intelligence and the value it can bring IT and the business, helping you shift from reactive to predictive IT.


Video Transcript

In today's fast moving and complex digital world, IT teams can no longer afford to be reactive, especially when it comes to performance and availability A predictive IT strategy is necessary to get ahead of problems and protect revenue and your customers' experience. Splunk IT Service Intelligence delivers predictive IT, running on artificial intelligence via a scalable data platform that can ingest, search, and analyze all types of data across both IT and the business.

Predict and prevent problems 30 to 40 minutes in advance. And immediately identify where to troubleshoot first. Decrease event noise by more than 90%. And decrease incident investigation time by 70% to 90%. A machine learning powered and scalable data platform is critical to helping your organization keep up with the demands of modern IT. Try the free ITSI Sandbox today to kickstart your journey to predictive IT.