Machine Learning and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Learn how Splunk ITSI uses machine learning algorithms to reduce false alerts, proactively identify problems, expedite your time-to-resolution, and help you make business decisions faster based on data-driven insights.


Video Transcript


Splunk ITSI brings artificial intelligence for IT operations to the forefront with machine learning algorithms. These algorithms help you identify meaning in your data without explicitly telling the machine what to do. This helps you reduce false positives, proactively identify emerging problems, significantly reduce troubleshooting times, and provide you with data and insights that help drive decisions.

With Splunk ITSI, you can use AI ops to elicit patterns and baseline normal operations based on historical behavior. Use Splunk ITSI to adapt thresholds to changing behavior in real time, establish granular time policies to accommodate for expected variations, thereby reducing false positives. Splunk ITSI applies artificial intelligence to analyze and detect anomalous patterns. By noticing early warning signs of failures and determining subtle pattern changes, Splunk ITSI empowers you to act based on the data.

Lastly, using artificial intelligence, Splunk ITSI enables you to correlate and contextualize events across technology silos, group events and ensure only relevant events are highlighted. This means you can quickly and easily isolate qualified events and reduce the need for extensive configurations and rules management, accelerating time to resolution. Try it yourself for free by getting your online sandbox at