Digital Marketing and Multi-Channel Analytics

Splunk's Rahul Deshmukh explains how Splunk combines data from web and mobile so businesses can gain operational intelligence from multi-channel analytics.


Video Transcript

Any interactions a customer has or a user has on a website, a mobile device, or on social media, organizations want to understand, what are the most profitable channels that they acquire to those customers, how do I retain them, and what are the different actions that they take on your website or your mobile device?

It's all about multi-channel analytics. Customers start with one channel. They might convert on another channel. So organizations want to really understand which is the most profitable channels or which is the most efficient channel to make those engagements with those customers, and convert them for higher revenue.

A retailer would be interested in understanding what is the most engaging way to interact with customers in web and mobile. Understanding the different interactions in real time by combining data from web and mobile, and taking action on the data based on the usage, is what Splunk does very well.