B2W: Splunk Is Big Data Revolution

The largest e-commerce company in South America depends on Splunk to process massive amounts of information to get products delivered on time to happy customers. Watch this video to find out how B2W relies on Splunk.


Video Transcript


I'm work and live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And I work for B2W. That means Business to World. We are the major e-commerce company in South America. We hold 85% of market share in e-commerce in Brazil. We have a lot of information. And we have more than 400 relational database. So we are very huge.

Splunk is an amazing tool. It's fast. It's easy to learn. The learning curve is very smooth. Nowadays, we depend heavily on Splunk, especially for order placed in real time.

In Brazil, due to fiscal regulations, we cannot send a product to a customer without an invoice attached to the box. Splunk provides this way of monitoring the invoices printing in real time. And that's a great value for our business.

Splunk provides not real time monitoring, but also historical charts. And now we are able to see the curves. The charts are also very important to us. Splunk help us discover patterns in the huge amount of logs that we index every day. And we can discover new information.

If we have a better comprehension of the demands of our customers, we can deliver [? them ?] better experience. And that contributes hugely to the success of our business.

We love most in Splunk is its integration. For me, [INAUDIBLE] Splunk, I think, personally, that Splunk is a revolution. in big data.