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Voice of the Customer


Make your voice heard! Help us define, build, and launch new product capabilities.

The programs below provide customers early access to Splunk's newest technologies and the ability to provide feedback directly to Splunk's Product Management and Engineering teams. To learn more about a specific program, and to express your interest in participating, please use the links below to sign-up or join directly. Sign up here if you would like to participate in feedback programs but don’t see a specific one to apply to today.

*Please note that participation in our Pre-release Programs and Customer Advisory Boards is limited and varies by program; we will contact if you're accepted and as space permits.



Get access to early-stage products and features! Test Splunk's newest technologies and share your experience in feedback sessions with Splunk's Product Management and Engineering teams.

Splunk Cloud Developer Edition

Best for

Existing third-party, partners and ISV's app developers building apps for public release on Splunkbase

Splunk Cloud Developer Edition is a cloud-based environment designed for developers to validate apps for Splunk Cloud Platform and perform install, configuration and acceptance testing.

Splunk Network Performance Monitoring (Splunk NPM)

Best for

Infrastructure site reliability engineers, developers and service owners who are modernizing their applications in Linux-based environments using cloud-native technologies

Splunk NPM provides cloud network monitoring with no change to application code or container images.

Splunk Cloud Admin Experience

Best for

Splunk Admins

CAE is the one-stop shop for Splunk admins to monitor the status of their Splunk cloud deployments and manage alerts.

Splunk Incident Intelligence

Best for

DevOps engineers, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and NOC managers that need to quickly make sense of their alerts, so they can collaboratively respond, find and fix issues before they impact customers and stakeholders.

As part of the Splunk Observability Cloud, Splunk Incident Intelligence is our next generation team-based event and incident management solution that connects on-call teams responsible for maintaining service health with the most relevant data to diagnose, remediate and restore services quickly and easily.

Edge Processor

Best for

Splunk Admin Splunk Analyst
Application Owner
Kubernetes Admin
DevOps Engineer
Executives (for dashboards or really bad alerts)

Edge Processor is the easiest way to manage data at the edge. With Splunk Edge Processor, Splunk customers can filter and mask data at the edge -- within their network boundaries -- before routing it to Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and Amazon S3. Customers get an end-to-end view for all data received, processed, and routed by Edge Processor. Edge Processor is easily installed and configured on customer servers or customer cloud infrastructure using a single command line, and managed completely from Splunk Cloud.

Splunk AR for Android

Best for

Customers interested in using Splunk AR

Splunk AR is an application that empowers field workers with contextual Splunk data to get the job faster on the first try. Splunk AR is looking for early adopters to join the Splunk AR for Android preview.

Federated Search for Amazon S3

Best for

Splunk Cloud Customers with datasets in AWS S3

Federated Search for Amazon S3 is a search capability that allows you to perform a remote search on your Amazon S3 buckets and retrieve the search results directly in your Splunk Cloud Platform instance.

New Search & Dashboard Experience

Best for

Splunk Cloud Customers based in US-East and US-West

The new Search and Dashboard experience drastically accelerates your data-to-insight workflow and empowers users with all levels of SPL expertise to easily explore and discover insights for faster IT troubleshooting, monitoring and security investigations.

Flex Index Preview

Best for

Splunk Cloud Customers with need for storing large amounts of data for forensic and compliance use cases

Splunk’s Flex Index is a new storage tier in Splunk Cloud that provides a cost-effective option for high volumes of data requiring forensic and investigative searches, data exploration, and correlation with higher value data.

Synthetics within Observability

Best for

Existing Splunk Observability customers in US1 realm looking to unify their Synthetic Monitoring practice with their other Splunk Observability products.

Splunk is launching a new version of its Synthetic Monitoring product inside of the Observability Cloud to further integrate its observability offerings under one platform.


Customer Advisory Boards

As a member of Splunk's Product Advisory Boards, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will shape the development of Splunk products. Meeting agendas will include product demos, roadmap discussions, user discovery sessions and more.

Splunk Customer Advisory Boards

Best for

Technical user/practitioner level individuals who can provide candid feedback about any of Splunk’s products

Influence the Splunk product roadmap by joining our customer advisory boards (CABs). You'll get access to previews of new products and capabilities, interact with industry experts and provide feedback to shape the future of Splunk products.

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Splunk Ideas

Search for, vote on, and request new enhancements (ideas) for any existing Splunk solutions - no more logging support requests! Splunk Ideas provides better visibility into requests across our community. You can see the status of any idea within the system and communicate directly with our Product Management team.

Sign up here if you would like to participate in feedback programs but don’t see a specific one to apply to today.