Deliver Efficient Service Operations and IT Service Excellence

In IT, there isn't "one tool to rule them all" that provides insights across the organization. It's just impossible to retrofit old-generation tools to keep up with accelerating technological innovation. As a result, IT organizations that deliver critical services are left with inadequate views of siloed insights.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analytics solution that gives you unprecedented visibility into the health and KPIs of your critical IT and business services, along with the underlying infrastructure.

With Splunk ITSI's artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), you gain:

  • Actionable insights that everyone can understand and use
  • A simple way to unify technology and tool silos
  • The ability to reduce time-to-resolution, improve service operations and make data-driven decisions

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Why Splunk ITSI for Service Insights?

Redefine the role of IT with service awareness
  • Monitor business and service activity using metrics and performance indicators aligned with strategic goals
  • Interact with custom visualizations to drive operational and business decisions
  • Deliver actionable insights that everyone can understand
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Transform IT monitoring with machine data-driven analytics
  • Use KPI thresholds that adapt in real time
  • Apply machine learning to detect patterns and alert on anomalous conditions
  • Apply real-time correlations that pinpoint notable events to proactively detect and reslove issues
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Deploy flexible, scalable service monitoring and analytics in days not months
  • Install quickly, connect to any data source effortlessly and begin interacting with the data immediately
  • Collect, process and analyze all logs, metrics and events data at scale from anywhere, including physical, virtual, hybrid and cloud environments
  • Answer unanticipated questions by merging, exploring and analyzing data across any data source, at scale and on-demand

Understanding Service Intelligence

Achieving digital transformation demands a more effective IT—one that provides reliable services for the business to deliver on its core objectives. Learn how Splunk ITSI provides a unified view of critical IT and business services to enable efficient service operations and IT service excellence.

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Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)
Makes Splunk deployments service aware by providing holistic, actionable insights into your IT and business services.
Splunk Quick Start for Service Intelligence
Actionable insights on business-critical services
with data-driven analytics.

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