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Splunk Enterprise 6.4.5 addresses multiple vulnerabilities


Splunk-Python-SDK address one vulnerability

At the time of this announcement, Splunk is not aware of any cases where these vulnerabilities have been actively exploited. Previous Product Security Announcements can be found on our Splunk Product Security Portal. Use SPL numbers when referencing issues in communication with Splunk. If there is no Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifier listed with a vulnerability, it will be added once it is assigned by a CVE Numbering Authority. To standardize the calculation of severity scores for each vulnerability, when appropriate, Splunk uses Common Vulnerability Scoring System version 3.0 (CVSS v3.0).

Affected Products and Components

  • Untrusted TLS server certs verification is not present (CVE-2019-5729)
    • Affected Product Versions: Splunk-SDK-Python version before 1.6.6

Mitigation and Upgrades

To mitigate these issues, Splunk recommends upgrading to latest splunk-sdk-python library

Vulnerability Descriptions and Ratings

Untrusted TLS server certs verification is not present (CVE-2019-5729)

Description: Splunk-SDK-Python version before 1.6.6 does not properly verify untrusted TLS server certificates. This could would permit man-in-the-middle attacks.

Credits: Splunk would like to thank 'The Upside Travel Company' for reporting this issue.

CVSS Severity (version 3.0):

CVSS Base Score7.4
CVSS Impact Subscore5.2
CVSS Exploitability Subscore2.2
Overall CVSS Score7.4

Document History

  • 2019-Jan-14: Rev 1. Initial Release

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