Improve Overall Security Posture and Resilience to Threats

Modern cyber attacks and threats require a proactive approach to security. Combining analytics-driven security with more than a decade of historical breach data, Splunk and Verizon deliver actionable and predictive threat intelligence. Splunk and Verizon’s Managed Security Services Analytics offering provides insights that enable organizations to efficiently and effectively lower risk and improve overall security posture, while protecting valuable resources. Together Splunk and Verizon:

  • Help customers focus on strengthening security posture
  • Provide deeper, more accurate detection capabilities driven by analytics
  • Automate IR (incident response) and SOC (security operations center) functions, to help customers find more threats faster
  • Help enterprises shorten the gap between compromise and detection
  • Enable security teams to make more informed decisions about threat identification, mitigation, remediation and prevention

Verizon Managed Security Services Analytics

Splunk has partnered with Verizon, a world leader in security, to deliver actionable, predictive threat intelligence via Verizon’s Managed Security Services Analytics platform. Together, Splunk and Verizon enable organizations to solve today’s most challenging cyber-security problems.

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