Splunk’s Operational Intelligence platform provides an easy, robust, and scalable solution for reporting and forensics, empowering OEM partners to create new products and offerings to extend value to their customers. The Splunk OEM program is ideal for software vendors, device manufacturers and SaaS providers who want to embed Splunk’s powerful platform into their products to enable turnkey reporting, data forensics or big data analytics.

Benefits in becoming an OEM Partner include:

  • Flexible royalty-based licensing model
  • Diversify your revenue stream
  • Provide user insights with flexible operational and analytical reporting embedded in applications
  • Scale and enable massive amounts of data to be indexed instantly
  • Build reports, add visualizations and charts—all without writing new code—to enable real-time reports and dashboards in your platform
  • Simplify deployments with Splunk’s self-contained platform
  • Support multi-tenancy for your hosted or SaaS offerings
  • Access flexible licensing with your software, appliance or SaaS-based offering
  • Maintain control over your brand with Splunk’s embedded software
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