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Turn data into answers for real-time insights that boost business results

The Splunk Partner+ OEM Embedded Licensing Program empowers ISVs and Technology Providers to leverage Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform to derive actionable insights from big data, to build rich visualizations, and to deliver predictive analytical solutions based on AI and Machine Learning, with the proven ability to meet the most demanding scalability and performance requirements.

As a Splunk OEM Partner, you are entitled to embed Splunk technology within your branded application and to sell the combined solution to your customers.

Splunk’s OEM Embedded Licensing Program makes it easy for you to get started, including a zero cost entry point for a limited capacity production license

Apply now to find out how we can help to maximize your success.

  • Customize, integrate and embed the Splunk OEM license within your branded solution
  • Agree to a minimum annual financial commitment
  • Provide frontline support for your application that includes the Splunk OEM license
  • Maintain a minimum number of Splunk certified professionals on staff

Get Started

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NetMotion Connects Global Workforces With Splunk

Why Embed Splunk Technology

  • Take advantage of the market-leading data analytics platform instead of risking resources and budget to build your own
  • Leverage standards-based technologies and APIs to deliver compelling solutions fast
  • Free up development resources to focus on your core product
  • Eliminate downtime and maximize performance with a platform proven at scale
  • Reduce ongoing support and maintenance costs
  • Leverage Splunk R&D and market leadership for data analytics innovation outside your company’s core domain
  • Radically outpace your competition
  • Monetize your data assets in more and better ways
  • Provide exciting, new applications and services
  • Flexible licensing model that aligns with your business
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Program Entitlements

  • Splunk OEM production and development licenses
  • Access to Splunk support services and technical resources
  • Discounted Splunk training and events
  • Joint marketing opportunities

Enrollment Process Steps

Review the Program requirements and benefits

Submit an application via the “Apply Now

Splunk Partner Team will review your application

Splunk Partner Team will contact you to schedule a meeting

If approved, Splunk will provide an OEM Embedded Licensing Agreement

What can you do with Splunk?