Product Brief

Gain real-time insights into application performance and customer experience

  • Get real-time analytics into application performance without deep instrumentation

  • Understand cloud services

  • Accelerate time-to-value with an easy-to-deploy and scalable software solution

  • Deliver immediate insights without impacting monitored systems


Getting insights about application performance and underlying infrastructures isn’t easy—as this information is often in silos and hard to access. And the opaque nature of cloud services doesn’t help. As a result, issue resolution can take hours or even days, which can negatively affect your customers’ experience. 

Splunk Stream is an easy, scalable app that delivers real-time analytics into applications and infrastructure without deep instrumentation. The app passively collects streaming application performance data from the network and makes it available for analysis in the Splunk platform. Stream processing data from all app transactions, response times, database queries, latencies, network and storage performance data, email visibility and more without impacting performance of the monitored systems. This breadth of data, along with real-time insights into user interactions, helps you meet SLAs and gain deep visibility into the customer experience. The app’s monitoring capabilities are highly configurable, and support the dynamic nature of applications running in the cloud. 

With immediate access to this streaming data, app support, operations, development, security and other teams can dramatically reduce time-to-resolution and increase application availability. By correlating Splunk Stream data with other application and infrastructure data in Splunk (such as logs, metrics and events), application and IT admins can gain a complete view of availability, performance and usage of their services. 

Visibility Into Applications Performance and User Experience

Gain instant visibility into application transactions, HTTP errors and web content. Improve response times with visibility across the entire application delivery chain. Visualize all database queries and latencies without impacting database performance. Capture a record of all user interactions for visibility into the end user experience.

Database Activity and Performance Monitoring

Get insights into database latencies and queries without impacting performance. Provide visibility into all database activity, transaction and performance for developers and application teams. Understand database activity for effective audit, security and change management.

Improved Security and Application Intelligence With DNS Analytics

Collect, analyze and process DNS communication in real time to identify abnormal user and application behavior. Use DNS analytics to prevent server overload and avoid increased response times. Understand commonly requested domains for compliance, security or business insights.

Deliver Immediate Insights From Streaming Network Data

Reduce time-to-value and deploy new streams quickly using the app’s intuitive configuration wizard. Easily create, configure and select protocols and customized fields of interest. Aggregate streams and apply filters for cost-effective performance monitoring.

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