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Splunk and the CIS Critical Security Controls

Splunk and the CIS Critical Security Controls

The CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC) are a proven, prioritized list of 20 controls that can be used to minimize security risks to enterprise systems and the critical data they maintain. Splunk software has a unique approach that allows you to easily ingest data related to all 20 controls and apply the logic you need to search, report, alert and correlate data for your security or audit requirements.


Using Splunk for CIS Auditing


Splunk software makes all data in your organization security relevant. In this comprehensive e-book you will learn:


  • Techniques to simplify, augment and accelerate the adoption of the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls in your environment
  • How Splunk software maps to each control in the CIS CSC
  • That Splunk Enterprise makes data instantly searchable so security professionals can easily correlate seemingly disparate data sources

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