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Through the Looking Glass Table


Security breaches happen every day. But do you know what a breach looks like and how to respond, even if you aren’t a SOC analyst?

Join Alice Bluebird, a security analyst extraordinaire, in this easy-to-read graphic novel that follows a day in the life of a security breach and response.

The story follows a rogue nation state of hackers called TAP’T, who are thirsty for the recipes of Frothly, a cutting-edge craft brewery. Does Alice catch the hackers before they steal Frothly’s super-secret formulas? And is TAP’T after just money or — scarier yet — something else?

Discover how machine data, as well as an analytics-driven security platform, log management, SIEM, UEBA and SOAR solutions, can get anyone — ranging from IT managers to the most sophisticated SOC analysts — ahead of the game, so they can better understand and respond to incidents, breaches, phishing attempts, insider threats, unwanted cryptomining and more.

Download your free copy of the second episode of our graphic novel “Through the Looking Glass Table” today.

Did you miss the first issue of the graphic novel? No worries, there’s still time to read it here. All caught up and ready to channel your inner SOC analyst? Start your security journey with “The Essential Guide to Security” and learn how Splunk can turn you into the next Alice Bluebird.

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