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Analyst Report

EMA Report: The State of Modern Application Development

A Journey from Speed to Awareness

Fast and reliable application development and delivery in support of business performance matters.

This report, based on Q3 2021 research, focuses on platform teams, integrated security, site reliability engineers (SREs) and decentralization. The report also exposes areas of breakage and disruption as many IT organizations continue to struggle in their search for more cohesive approaches to application optimization.

Top highlights include:

  • Nearly 50% of applications are currently running in the cloud, an increase from 45% in 2019.
  • More than 85% of respondents had an SRE or its equivalent on their teams, which very strongly correlated with effectiveness in speed of application delivery.
  • Nearly 90% of respondents indicated business stakeholder involvement in shaping application functionality, and 74% were doing this through low-code/no-code environments.

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