SignalFx Add-On (Beta)


Best For

Splunk Admins, IT Ops Analysts 



Project Description

Splunk’s SignalFx Add-on allows customers to integrate key SignalFx data into Splunk for consolidated reporting across metrics and logs. For Splunk customers who are using SignalFx to monitor metrics, this add-on provides the ability to leverage SignalFx data the following ways:

  • Create dashboards and reports in Splunk using custom search command
  • Monitor both SignalFx and Splunk data through pre-configured KPIs and services in ITSI or through custom search commands
  • Create curated episodes in ITSI using correlated alerts generated in SignalFx and in Splunk.
  • With this integration, get an end-to-end view of your infrastructure environment, from data center to cloud to containers

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