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See if it’s time to add observability to your Splunk Cloud Platform

Three key ways to triage and troubleshoot faster and easier

As a Splunk Cloud Platform user or admin, you're using Splunk to monitor aspects of your infrastructure and custom applications, and perform investigations when things don't quite work. But the more cloud-native infrastructure and applications you're using, the more complex collecting, indexing and analyzing that data has become.

In this fast-paced webinar, we outline three key ways to augment how you're using Splunk Cloud Platform to collect cloud-native data more easily, accelerate and simplify alerting, and add context to data, making triage and troubleshooting faster and easier. The more observable a system, the quicker you can understand and fix problems.

Learn ways to:

  • Augment infrastructure monitoring
  • Add synthetic monitoring to gain better top-level monitoring data that reflects user experience
  • Use observability principles to take a service-oriented view into your systems while instrumenting applications to supply insight into their availability, usage and performance

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