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Splunk for SAP

Best For

SAP System Admins (Basis Team), SAP Functional Teams, Business Process Support, Business Analysts, VP/Director of Ops, Splunk Admins, Splunk Developers, IT Ops Analysts 



Project Description

Splunk for SAP powered by PowerConnect empowers organizations to take control of their SAP environment. Without having to spend the time, energy and cost to manually build out a custom monitoring tool, Splunk and SAP customers can now utilize this new AIOps solution to monitor SAP health, accelerate the time it takes to detect and respond to outages, and even prevent issues before they happen.

With an out-of-the-box content pack, the bridge is built so SAP data can be correlated with infrastructure data. This means unified monitoring for applications, services, and infrastructure with ML-based predictive analytics for SAP metrics. Splunk for SAP offers a high-level view into the health of services as well as the ability to dive deeper into investigations to find root causes fast. This content pack offers glass tables, pre-built dashboards, KPIs, Service Analyzer Tree, and more — providing additional value to SAP users.

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