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Operationalize Machine Learning to Find Malicious Domains

Operationalizing Machine Learning to Detect Malicious Domain Names

You’re a Security Analyst, Security Scientist or Security Researcher and want to understand what it takes and looks like to apply machine learning to your own use cases and operationalize it for your SOC Team to handle alerts appropriate?

We have put together a step-by-step guide that shows you how to detect malicious domains in web proxy data from an organization, apply machine learning concepts, validate their accuracy and operationalize them for easy use within a SOC team.

Register for your complimentary copy of Operationalizing Machine Learning to learn:

  • How to perform data exploration
  • How to do feature Engineering and Selection
  • How you can create machine learning models
  • How you operationalize machine learning
  • How to test and benchmark
  • Techniques that add value and provide new insights and higher detection rates


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