From there to here,
from here to there
types of fraud
are everywhere.

Fraud causes billions of dollars of loss every year and it accounts for 85 percent of all breaches, according to a report. And all of it can start with something as simple as a phishing email from a friendly prince, otherwise known as a 419 fraud.

Splunk's own mascot Buttercup found out the hard way when her airline miles were phished and her dream to travel the world was stolen with a simple click of an email.

In this illustrated guide, Buttercup is taken on a journey by a colorful fraud phish, and learns about the many surprising ways fraud can touch our everyday lives.

She also learns how Splunk’s analytics-driven security portfolio and machine data can help her get ahead of all types of fraud, including credit card, payroll, financial aid, healthcare, and wire transfer fraud, as well as phishing attacks, account takeover and more. Oh my!

Splunk is a special kind of platform,
that can onboard data to perform.
You can search, detect and investigate
to catch bad phish before it’s too late.
You can ingest data from any machine
I know, I know — that sounds obscene.

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