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How to Optimize Digital Experience With Service-Level Objectives

Bringing system reliability engineering to digital experience management

Digital experience management (DEM) enables organizations to monitor and manage digital experiences (DX), which are crucial for the online user experience and your bottom line. System reliability engineering (SRE) enables organizations to achieve DX optimization, and by establishing and measuring service-level agreements (SLOs) for the metrics impacting DX, organizations can leverage DEM to optimize their DX and achieve their business goals.

Splunk Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) helps software engineers and IT Ops teams deliver great end-user experiences with the deepest web performance optimization capabilities of any observability platform. Splunk Synthetic Monitoring offers guided performance recommendations from 300+ best practices, filmstrips and video recordings of user experience, and over 50 modern performance metrics. Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM) helps quickly isolate latency across an entire architecture, from web browsers to backend services, and everything in between.

Download your copy of How to Optimize Digital Experience with Service-Level Objectives by Jason Bloomberg, president and principal analyst at Intellyx, to learn about:

How to Optimize Digital Experience With Service-Level Objectives
  • The importance of DX and the strategic role of DEM
  • The practitioner’s view of SLOs
  • Managing errors budgets to optimize performance with Splunk DEM
  • Bringing DEM to system reliability engineering

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