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How to become a Splunk Enterprise Security Champion

Learn the skills of a mighty threat hunter

Ever feel like you are a Level 1 character starting your security journey with Splunk? You want to figure out how to defeat a dragon… err adversary... but don't know where to start?

Join us to learn how you can go from a Splunk beginner to a mighty threat hunter - or at least a mid-level rogue. We will guide you through the cheat codes of core Splunk and Enterprise Security using a prescriptive training roadmap showing how to gain experience as you go until eventually, you can be a Security hero with the skills and armor to match.

This webinar is for folks new to the Splunk adventure or even senior analysts/SOC managers looking for ways to level up their team!

Katie Brown - Senior SE Manager, Splunk and Tam Chacon - Security Strategist, Splunk

  • Choosing your use case
  • Equipping your tools
  • Leaning on your account team
  • Honing your skills
  • Knowing your resources and guides

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